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Insane Speed Insane Speed
Insane speed on a motorcycle. This guy really has no brains.
Rated: 5.77 by 56 visitors
Extreme Pilot Footage Extreme Pilot Footage

Rated: 5.75 by 16 visitors
Strange Psycho Kid Rapping Strange Psycho Kid Rapping

Rated: 5.75 by 79 visitors
Exploding Hairspray Exploding Hairspray
For all the piros out there, this is what happens when you mix...
Rated: 5.74 by 43 visitors
Not the Father Not the Father
Guy finds out he is not the father.
Rated: 5.74 by 86 visitors
Near Collission Mid-Air Near Collission Mid-Air

Rated: 5.73 by 11 visitors
Skydiver Almost Gets Minced Skydiver Almost Gets Minced

Rated: 5.71 by 14 visitors
T-Bird Crash T-Bird Crash

Rated: 5.71 by 28 visitors
Kitty Slapped Kitty Slapped
The cat is not taking crap from anyone!
Rated: 5.71 by 85 visitors
Insane Baby Balancing Insane Baby Balancing

Rated: 5.69 by 16 visitors
Underground Nuclear Weapons Test Underground Nuclear Weapons Test

Rated: 5.68 by 44 visitors
Scare Tactics - Insane Murderer Scare Tactics - Insane Murderer

Rated: 5.67 by 36 visitors
Tysons Best Bits Tysons Best Bits

Rated: 5.65 by 17 visitors
Croc Bites Back Croc Bites Back

Rated: 5.63 by 8 visitors
Crazy Airlines Crazy Airlines

Rated: 5.62 by 45 visitors
Crazy Motorbike Stunts Crazy Motorbike Stunts

Rated: 5.62 by 84 visitors
Justice Justice

Rated: 5.61 by 28 visitors
Psychotic Cat Psychotic Cat

Rated: 5.59 by 27 visitors
Cool and Flexible Cool and Flexible

Rated: 5.59 by 34 visitors
The Mac Man The Mac Man

Rated: 5.57 by 28 visitors
Funny Drier Stunt Funny Drier Stunt
Dude, I dare you to go in the drier!
Rated: 5.57 by 46 visitors

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